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Letting Go

You have to let go. You have to simply let things happen without trying to take control of the situation. Letting go doesn't have to mean, abandonment or cutting all ties. It just means releasing your expectations around circumstances.

Life has been teaching me so much about what I want and what I don't want out of this human experience, and today while reading the Untethered Soul it simply said, “choose to be happy.” That's it. When we let go of what we expect to happen and choose happiness despite the outcome, we will soon find peace in our hearts. This human experience has got to be worth something. There is no benefit in walking around looking for things to go differently so that you don't have to leave your bubble of comfortability.

Attending 4 classes a semester, waitressing on the weekends, coming back to my dorm room, planning a future with my best friend/ boyfriend was comfortable to me. I became comfortable with what life had for me. I was growing and learning everyday, but I’ve come to accept that the universe had more for me… it recently has had more for all of us.

At the beginning of quarantine I was a self proclaimed Christian that started watching church online every Sunday, I had one semester left of college, was going to live it up next fall with my roommates, save my money, and move into my first apartment with my boyfriend; all while waiting to graduate college to start my Life Coach certification.

Within the next 3 months I questioned everything. I completed some shadow work, went inward, and cried LOTS of tears. Some mornings I went for walks and felt grounded while others I put the pillow over my head, and kept the curtains to my room closed all day. This is what growth looks like. This is how the idea of letting go begins to sprout. It is painful, but we only get stronger after a workout if our muscles are sore first right?

Navigating through my new identity as a life coach, and letting go of my significant other so he can connect deeper with his purpose, I found myself doing the work around things I thought I had already figured out. But that’s how life works right? As soon as we feel like we’ve got a handle on what is going on, the universe shows us we CAN handle more.

I went from reading the bible every morning to meeting my spirit guides, pulling oracle cards, and connecting with my higher self. I am a lightworker. My deeper purpose has been revealed to me once I let go of how I thought things were supposed to happen. You have to do what feels good to you, and that is really hard when you keep yourself tied down by expectations that no longer serve you.

When we choose happiness we find beauty in it all. We find that we are powerful beyond measure, and that the world needs our light. Sometimes it gets darker before we can truly shine. It is okay to not be comfortable… that is where change and growth happen and happiness is found on the other side.

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