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It's different here.

Can't you feel it?
I am not who I was yesterday,

and I am becoming who I'll be tomorrow. 
This is me.

Everything I desire to be,

and all that I signed up to be in this human experience. 
As your journey with me may begin today,

I've been becoming more and more of myself each and every day.

I am here to lead you in doing the exact same.

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I got my heart broken, kicked out, grieved the death of my grandmother, faced betrayal, and was presumed dead at the site of my own car accident. 

I know, what a damn wake up call. 

Well, you would think. 

Shortly after the horror story of events, I was sent off to college to finally start 'chasing my dreams'.

In the midst of all the trauma, I was enrolled in a course called, Mindfulness in the 21st Century. This is where I learned about tools such as meditation, yoga, journaling, and energy. 

Feeling like I was hitting wall after wall, faced with pain, grief, confusion, and worry while away at college, I lost touch with the tools that helped me survive such trialing times.

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Well at least that's what I thought.
I disconnected myself so far from all the things they kept me sane and before I knew it, I was a version of myself I didn't even recognize. Working jobs to make money, entertaining men just to feel a connection, and holding on to friendships that I knew deep down weren't serving me. 
So when the pandemic of 2020 swept what we knew to be 'normal' away, I had just heard of '5D' and 'spiritual awakening'. unintentionally experiencing my first dark night of the soul, I began reconnecting with the tools that I once used as my life vest and began to use them in effort to meet my higher self, connect with my spirit guides, and remember what I am truly here for. 
This caused even more people, and jobs to fall away. I felt alone, misunderstood, and pretty exhausted. I did this deep spiritual work solo, with a yoga mat, a journal, and a couple YouTube videos.

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but I wouldn't trade that year for anything else. I learned some of my greatest lessons, connected with some amazing souls, and started to share my truth for the first time on different webinars and social media. 

I knew this journey was equipping me to energetically be in this exact moment with you as you read these words. 

Hi love, 

I see you . I was you, and in some moments, I am still you. 

It is clearer now more than ever that there are many amazing souls on this Earth to achieve a greater mission, and it can't be done individually, and it can't be done alone.

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After receiving many accolades that I will spare you the time of reading, because what matters now is that YOU feel seen; I have come to harness my own psychic, emotional, and energetic healing abilities in order to support others on this journey. Because we are meant to achieve this greater mission collectively, in unity.
If you saw yourself in some way or another through my story, know that I have made it my life's work to guide, and hold space for souls such as yourself. and so, it would be an honor to connect with you love.

Until then,

Cheers to EMERGING.

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