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Dear Amazing Soul,

I see you.

I see the fearlessness within you, the love you have for others, the playfulness and curiosity, the true essence that you embody.

I see the ashes. The hurt, the disappointment, the traumas and the abandonment you have experienced.

I see the yearning for clarity and the answers to the questions you haven't wrapped your mind around yet.

I see the perseverance, strategy, and commitment that so effortlessly has come to the forefront while you move through the growing flames that you once felt engulfed by.

I see the burns you are trying desperately to heal from the unwanted heat that grew from the friction created by the tight grasp you had on hope.

Hope that this would one day all go away, hope that the reason for it all would soon be revealed so you could exhale.

The need to grow up quick has been fulfilled by you with no question. And now you look in the mirror and feel lost, deep within. The thin shell of confidence that has weathered the opinions an attacks of many is beginning to crack. The protective layer is no longer needed.

I see you rising. Rising from the flames, similar to a phoenix, you are becoming.

Shaking every but of the soot, ash, and debris that may be weighing your wings down, you have begun to emerge.

You are ready.

Acknowledge that there is so much more for you in this life… forget about the “how” just for a bit and sit in the presence of who you are becoming.

Reflect. Looking down on all that has allowed you to rise with great strength. You are not those stories, those experiences, yet you are simply the observer of them.

Accept the emergence of who you will be next and loving every bit of the warrior you were through the unexpected moments of betrayal, tears, and confusion. You have become more now.

You are able to reset, to rest and care for the parts of you that were once consumed by flames and ash. These parts of you will be your strongest guides as you navigate this journey of emerging.

There aren't single answers to the questions you may have about what is next. Or how to do the next thing, in fact you get to operate now as if all of the rules, rights, and wrongs were left behind in the ash.

The uncomfortably of emerging to your newest self will groom you for all that you truly are meant for. Allow yourself to fully embody the fearlessness, playfulness, and curiosity that never dissipated within, but was only protected as you faced the flames, waiting to be expressed again.

I see you, I am you. You are me.

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