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Dear Ego,

You don't have to handle it all. I know your intention is to protect me, but I really want to find my true self, discover my mission, and express my creativity. I know there is more for me, but regardless I thank you for looking out for me. I know your intentions are harmless–in fact, your sole purpose is to help me survive. Yet, here is the point when I ask that you begin to dissolve. I no longer want to just survive. I am ready to LIVE. And so, I must let you go, along with the protective layers that have kept me from feeling grounded and open to healing. Thank you for having my back in the loneliest of moments, but we don’t have to do this alone anymore.

I am ready for moments of deep release and healing. I can assure you, it will be okay. I am guided and supported. Take a breath and allow me the space to let my heart speak in its vulnerability. I will not allow my next level to be infused with any thoughts or energy that don’t serve my highest good–that would only create resistance to my growth. The ego is designed to keep me safe, in survival mode, and I am no longer hoping to just survive.

I get to be my true self now, and I thank you again, for the work you have done to bring me out on the other side of pain, disappointment and challenging times.

I am safe now.

I am at peace now.

I am an embodiment of love. And it is time for me to grow past the grip you've had on my mind.

I now know I am an epic and powerful human being with a mission to create more love on earth and remind others of the true bliss that comes from within us.

Our human journey is limited, I am ready to fearlessly live mine with intention.

Thank you,


To watch me dive a little deeper CLICK HERE for an Instagram Live video I did on Ego Death.

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