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Put your luggage down.

Put it down or acknowledge that you have it.

You've got fear, you’ve got worry, you’ve got anxiety around money, relationships, your job, and maybe a few other things, but whatever it might be that you’re feeling, if you're not going to put it down, at least just acknowledge the fact that you have it.

Don't try and act as if you're not fearful or that you don't experience a bit of worry or anxiety.

Because those experiences are REAL. Those emotions are REAL.

That is part of being a HUMAN. The longer we act like we don't feel, the longer we resist the help, the guidance, the support, and the love that we yearn for. 

So put the luggage down. Put the fear down, put the worry down, like Erykah Badu says in her song Bag Lady,

"Pack light".

And if you are feeling resistance to what it would be like to live a life without fear, without worry, without scarcity, without lack, without anxiety,

I welcome you.

I welcome you to EMERGE

I welcome you to activate your purpose with me. 

You are in the exact space in your life that you are meant to receive this message. 

Here is where I get to guide you in releasing and letting go of the baggage that you've been carrying. But first, you must acknowledge that you've got some of it.

You must acknowledge that you've carried this heavy luggage all this way in your life.  and you're sick of carrying it around.  

You are ready to release all of it.

You are ready to feel light 

to feel free 

to feel so in love with your life.

To feel that every waking moment gets to be as orgasmic as you desire it to be.

and if this triggers you,

I welcome YOU.

I actually am extending this invite to YOU with even more love. 

Because there's a piece of you that doesn't believe that life gets to be that good. 

And when you decide to EMERGE, we just love on that version of you a little bit more.

We get to hug that version of you that is so triggered by the fact that life gets to feel this f*ckin good.

Then, let the the version of you that is getting giddy and excited by words written here to step to the forward. 

Let this version of you step to the forward.

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Cayla is one of the few individuals that actually believes in the goals I set for myself even if they are scary for me . She is so passionate about what she does and I desire to have that feeling as well.


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Here are three reasons why you are worthy of taking this next step in the direction of activating your purpose:

1. Not everyone will understand your vision and you are worthy of support from someone who will.

2.Awakening to your purpose isn't easy & you shouldn't have to do it alone.

3. Your journey is just as important as the next person's.

I take your evolution very seriously and want to empower you in making this decision to say yes to yourself.

This is why I am transparent with the energy exchange of this 1:1 experience.

Here you get to say yes as your higher self. 



Click below to begin EMERGING.
You will then be redirected to booking our first connection call.

$1111 / MONTH


Click below to begin EMERGING.
You will then be redirected to booking our first connection call.

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